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Nail Design by LauraPro

Nail Design by LauraPro

Hello “Haute” Mommas,

I couldn’t help but to notice the chic styles of nail art happening today! I found myself inspired to be fancier with my nails and bolder with my fashion. Changing up your nail styles really can give you a whole new look and fashionable image.

While working on location and with many of my fabulous clients, I found myself showing off some of my funky self-designed nail looks. It was so fun to see my clients more inspired to show off their own personal styles. In fact, I now have my clients asking what other cool nail fashions they can do the next time around. I actually challenged some of my clients and inspired them to do something a little different and now they are hooked.

So Ladies, what do you say? Let’s get bold, have some fun and show off your fashion nails today! I now challenge you girls to get out there and check out some of the cool nail fashions and get inspired! Whether it be finding a new spring color, rocking a fun designer decal on one nail, or getting bold and customizing each nail with coordinating colors – whatever you do just have fun!

Some LauraPro Nail Tips:

-Who is your favorite designer? Utilize some of their looks on your nails. Who says the Chanel emblem on your ring finger isn’t “haute”?

-As much as we love our designer bags, take a look at some of the nail art going with Chanel or Burberry inspirations on nails.

-Find a color scheme that you love and mix it up on your nails. Create some asymmetrical lines with a bold color to spruce up the nail color base, giving your nails an artsy look.

-Mix and match each nail to be funky and fresh, call it your own look.

-Upload your Fab Nails to Instagram and tag @lauraprodotcom and #laurapronails to share! Find some looks that my clients are doing today!





Laura Villalobos Laura Villalobos is a personal stylist who does it all - from hair and makeup to clothing. Laura is a licensed cosmetologist and Certified Makeup Artist with over 10 years of experience styling clients, including many Spouses in Sports. As a leading artist with her own company – LauraPro - she loves to create collections of stylized looks that are fashion forward and cutting edge. With a passion to inspire beauty in others, Laura is excited to share her expertise as a part of the Spouses in Sports team! If you are interested in contacting Laura for your styling needs, you can find her at Laura@LauraPro.com.