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House of Sacred Flame Jewelry

House of Sacred Flame Jewelry

So the other day my business partner and mentor, Marie, and I were having lunch with one of our clients, my dear friend Tricia Dye. You may know of her, her husband is baseball star Jermaine Dye. Anyway, she was wearing one of the rosaries from our collection, and when I was speaking to her I felt a sense of peace and realized how blessed I was to be sitting there at that moment with women I love, having an amazing lunch at Café Merlot. We engaged in a conversation that led to this article….What you choose to adorn yourself with; make it be for a purpose. Make it feel good to yourself and others. Think to yourself, whether it be jewelry, a home accessory, or a piece of furniture, what do I feel like when I see it, use it, and wear it? Don’t just fill your jewelry box with costume jewelry…be connected!

This season I would like to introduce to you our jewelry collection, HOUSE of SACRED FLAME. It is a beautiful collection of iconic jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. As women who enjoy fashion, have you ever thought about how the jewelry that you wear makes you feel? What compels you to buy the special pieces that you wear?

We choose our favorite pieces based on what lifts our spirits. What makes us feel special and gives us a sense of self assurance and the confidence that tells the world that we are beautiful. When we wear our jewelry, we feel blessed, we feel like we are wearing a piece of the spiritual inspiration that our collection represents.

For our collection, we have taken religious elements such as rosaries and antique medallions and we have incorporated them into our design. The results are timeless pieces of jewelry, many of which are one of a kind or limited editions.

House of Sacred Flame jewelry collection is made of antique or vintage holy medallions from European origins that have been reproduced in silver, pewter or brass. All of the religious medallions have a significance and certain meanings, for example one medallion may signify healing while the saint’s medallions all have their own specific faith and meaning. Many of the materials we use in our jewelry are from Europe and many are vintage: Old glass pearls from Japan; Vintage Swarovski crystals from Austria; Glass beads from the Czech Republic and old chains from France and Germany.

Here is a story that warmed my heart, I felt it was very interesting and because our collections are iconic and sacred you might find this story as spiritual as I did:

The Legend of the Tree of the Crosses 

The legend says that it is the only one tree in the world that instead of flowering, thorns sprout, in the form of a Cross. The legend also tells us that it all started in June 1697 with Friar Antonio de Margil de Jesus, one of the Franciscan Friars whose mission it was to evangelize to the indigenous people of Mesoamerica. Upon starting his mission he had a cane, which he used during his long walks, that one day he stuck in the ground. As time went by, the cane began to sprout and produce branches in the form of crosses, and it grew into the tree we can see today. The tree still does not produce flowers or fruit. It grows in the garden of the Convent of the Miraculous Cross, which was founded in 1654 in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. It is a symbol of the city of Queretaro.

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Rebecca Justice

Rebecca Justice is a baseball Sis, wife of retired World Series champion, David Justice. She is a designer of her own iconic jewelry line, House of Sacred Flame.