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Magnesium can help! (part 2)
by Brigitta Jansen

In my last entry we talked about magnesium and its tremendous positive effects on your biochemistry. Here’s a summary: Part of what’s attributed to “getting older” is actually due to mineral and vitamin deficiencies getting worse over time as we keep eating nutrient deficient food. Things run slower and more sluggish because your body has less and less oil in the engine and more and more impurities, aka toxins. The ‘engine’ are your enzymes which drive all metabolism in your cells and the oil are vital minerals and vitamins.

Magnesium is needed in over 325 enzymes (think engines) in your body. Every cell needs it for things like energy production and metabolism, hormonal balance, memory, and strong bones and teeth. The brain and heart contain the largest concentration of magnesium in the body.

So, are you getting enough of this important mineral?

When I consulted a nutritionist during my third pregnancy, I first found out that my calcium/magnesium ratio was very high, meaning I had too much calcium compared to magnesium. Frustratingly, a year of taking a magnesium supplement didn’t change things. I finally started using transdermal magnesium and the results I got after a few months were stunning.

Muscle cramps at night, and sometimes charley horse, were gone. Twitchy eyelid: gone. No more waking up at night to toss and turn for a good couple of hours. Pregnancy weight that had plateaued suddenly came off, even though I started eating more with my appetite coming back.

And I noticed other more subtle, but very welcome, changes: My gums stopped bleeding, dandruff disappeared and body odor lessened considerably.

While I have other imbalances, I am still amazed at how fixing one mineral deficiency can make such a big difference. The multitude of pills and potions a conventional drugstore has to offer for my symptoms wouldn’t have made anywhere near as much of a difference and their effects would have been limited to the duration of their use. Anti-dandruff shampoo anyone? Mouthwash? No thanks!

So if you want to get to the bottom of your own biochemistry and find out which nutrients you may be deficient in, consult a practitioner who knows about minerals and their proper ratios.

There are many issues better treated with nutrients than with drugs, and life’s more fun when your body works like it’s supposed to.

Brigitta Jansen, BS, lives with her husband and three children in Connecticut. She is an avid home cook, local food activist, and chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation.


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