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Blissfully Simple Organization

by Leah Rhodes, BlissfullySimpleOrg.com 

Being a sports wife is filled with excitement, travel, new friendships AND…moving, packing, relocating and the unknown. I found that in all my years of traveling, as a baseball wife, the best thing I could do for myself and my family was to be super organized. People were always asking for my help to organize their spaces, so recently I turned that into my job by starting my own company, Blissfully Simple Organization Design Yoga, LLC. I am an organization specialist, interior designer and yoga teacher.

Having everything you need in a clutter free space allows for less stress and anxiety. Whether you are packing for road trips, unpacking from the previous road trip, or packing to go to and from your in-season home. Being organized is a way to have control over your surroundings when sports life can be somewhat out of control. It doesn’t matter what sport the man in your life is involved in. You have very little control over your city of residence or your schedule and sometimes that can be extremely hard to adjust to. Some of us find it especially difficult to readjust to the off season with no prescribed schedule.

Spring is a time to clean out. Lighten the load. Give yourself a little digestive detox as well as de-cluttering your environment. For your health, it’s a great time to try a juice cleanse and reset your body. Start eating lighter and get in shape for summer. It’s also time to go through closets, drawers and cabinets. As you change clothing for the warmer months, decide what you haven’t worn in the last year or so and do some much needed purging. Find a local charity and ask them to pick up items, they will be very happy to do so. Other options are to sell things on Craigslist, eBay, or do a clothing swap with girlfriends. This is such a great reason for a girl’s night in. Detoxing can be like spring cleaning, it may remind you of all the dust that gets stirred up. Things can look and seem worse before they get better. This is probably the universe showing us the benefits of contrast. Duality is the way of the world and it is always good to experience both sides of a situation in order to find balance. Once you have gone through a detox or a spring cleaning, a purging of sorts, you might experience a newfound sense of lightness and clarity. Hopefully you will feel renewed in the sense of body, mind and spirit. Like the trees losing their leaves in the fall, this has to happen before all of the beauty can come in the spring. We clean out to regenerate new energy for what is to come. Happy Spring!

Love and Light,
Leah Rhodes

Write Leah at info@blissfullysimpleorg.com

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