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If any of you are like me, you count down the days until the off-season hits. The thought of being on a tropical island with a margarita (or insert drink of choice ) in hand, enjoying a relaxing day on the beach with the man of your dreams, is almost too much excitement when you are only starting on day one of the regular season! By the end of the season, as much as us girls deserve that trip, our other halves need it that much more. The emotional, physical, and mental stress they go through calls for a much needed vacation. My question is — to where?

As a travel agent to professional athletes and their families, and a wife to a current MLB player, I know the expectations are high for a trip like this. Before I met Nate, I worked in the travel industry as a Sales Manager for a luxury all-inclusive resort chain. During my time there, I came to the realization that not all people’s needs are the same. While it always sounds nice to be on a beautiful island with great weather surrounded by loved ones, some people need more. You may ask yourself what more a person could need. The answer is simple – more privacy, smaller resort, updated room, better food, a butler, a nanny, kids club, a villa, private chef, private pool, a yacht, security, a driver, and the list goes on. The point is – those extra amenities make the vacation become so much more.

For you, it may mean quality time to re-connect with your husband away from your kids. It may mean a family vacation because you feel like your kids are missing that uninterrupted time with dad due to his hectic training/travel/playing schedule. It may mean time to get away from extended family so that you can try to start a family of your own without the added pressure. It could also mean – time away from your in-laws – how we all need that sometimes! Haha – only joking – sort of! 😉 Isn’t it funny how we all face the same issues in this crazy lifestyle?

The good thing is – I’m here to make it easy on you. I have been in the travel industry over 5 years now. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to travel to numerous destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico. These destinations included many luxury resorts that offer views and amenities that one can only dream of. If I haven’t been to a specific destination or resort, I can almost promise that I have studied it. Travel is not only a passion, but a hobby of mine. I love to research and learn. My specialties include the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico with a focus on luxury resort chains and private villas. I can, and do, book other destinations too so don’t be afraid to call and ask! If you are looking to take a trip uniquely fitted to your family’s needs, have a travel agent that understands your hopes and expectations, and work with someone who understands your busy schedule – my phone is always on.

I give a 5% discount to all professional athletes’ families as well as to their extended family and friends. This year, I will be writing a blog for Spouses in Sports answering many of the vacation questions that I am so often asked. Some of the topics include – resorts with kids clubs, best all-inclusive vacations, best luxury resorts in Mexico, best luxury resorts in the Caribbean, villa options and inclusions, etc. If you have a specific question, need advice, would like to see a specific topic posted to the blog, or would like to book your upcoming vacation, please feel free to email or call me anytime!

Lindsay McLouth

Lindsay Mcclouth

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Lindsay McLouth Lindsay McLouth is the wife of Nate McLouth, MLB outfielder.